The Spirit

The spirit of Cara Jean is ultimately the driving force within her. She does not disregard or diminish the fact that we as humans have tendencies towards spiritual, higher ways- and she strongly believes that this tendency is grounded in a truth that rightfully resonates with those who experience it. She contributes her spiritual enlightenment to redemption found in Christ. While she cherishes years of spiritual growth within various Christian communities, she has profoundly realized that mankind throughout the world and throughout history have connected to the Almighty in ways that don’t look like what modern American Christian society looks like. She strongly believes that cultural and even historical differences create a facade that is crippling to the harmony and understanding that we as humans must come to in order to have unconditional love for one another and live in peace on earth. She is highly interested in learning about why other people who do not fit in to her cultural or historical context believe what they believe about spirituality. Her fascination with anyone who has accomplished or is searching for spiritual fulfillment brings her great awe and happiness. Cara Jean seeks to exhibit holiness and become closer to the creator in order to maintain her sense of purpose and insight into what it means to exist. It is this fiery, glorious spirit inside of her that is the foundation of her philosophies and is the catalyst for her constant desire to become more aware. She deeply longs to share the enlightenment she has happened upon so that others may know the peace that she knows.


2 thoughts on “The Spirit

  1. Jesus said that no man can come to the Father except through Him. I’m writing a book about a Trinidadian who encountered Jesus while training to become an Imam. This happened in the 50’s and Jesus changed his entire village with His unconditional love. God is love and He expressed that love through Jesus Christ. We as Christians have not always expressed that love as He did, however, He hasn’t changed and by God’s grace, many all over the world have already and will continue to encounter Jesus’ love and Redemption. Philosophies and man’s wisdom can’t offer forgiveness. Only through the sacrifice of Jesus, the One Isaiah, David and other prophets foretold, can truly lead us to God. Jesus said He is The way, The truth and The light. May I live and love as He does by encountering Him every day and reflecting my relationship with Him to all who come in contact with me.

    • Rena, can’t say I disagree with you on any level here! Still, I reserve a fascination for personally studying religious experience across the board. As human beings, basically everyone has had a spiritual experience in one form or another (whether labeled Christianity, or not) and said experiences are valid to the individual no matter where they may have derived. This tendency is literally hard wired into our brains. And this is what fascinates me… we as human beings innately maintain spiritual desire and continually have spiritual experiences, no matter the cultural or historical context. My personal experience has confirmed to me that Jesus truly is the way, the Truth, and the light. I will proclaim His great works and continue to live in the midst of His blessings as I fulfill my calling of reaching out to the spiritually yearning people that cross my path (and grow spiritually as an individual and teach up my children too), but I will not insult or deny the experience of someone who feels as though something touched them that is outside of the cultural/historical context which I am most familiar with. Whatever the case may be, Jesus is the answer in my life, and this is what I stand for without shame.

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