The Mama

This mama loves staying at home to raise her two daughters and seeks a most natural approach to parenting. She cloth diapers, feeds organically, treats holistically, consumes conservatively, and teaches lovingly. She aims to raise her children to be respecters of the earth, fellow mankind, and God in heaven. A simple and minimalistic minded mama, she desires to instill life’s most valuable lessons and habits into her little adorable extensions. She longs to pass on a heritage of good faith, strong morals, and sound mind to form solid foundations for her girls whom she prays will someday positively affect others on a worldwide scale. In addition, Cara Jean is a huge natural birthing advocate and aspires to pursue her dreams of attending births after training as a doula. She brought both of her girls into this world completely without medications and she highly encourages other moms to research the benefits of natural birthing. She hopes that all mothers can experience the intense, beautiful, soul-defining event of birthing a baby naturally!


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