The Citizen

Cara Jean is very conscious citizen of the United States of America, and actively chooses to not fulfill the negative stereotypes of what it means to be American. She hails from generations of red blooded, patriotic Americans with genealogy tracing back to the original pioneers who settled on the shores of the East coast seeking a life free from religious oppression. She aims to carry the legacy of her ancestors with her as she clings to the ideals of peace, prosperity, freedom, liberty, equality, opportunity, and the unalienable rights granted by the great constitution of the land. In a currently divided, deceived, and corrupted nation, Cara Jean has made it a point to only support beacons of truth and honesty in the arena of politics. The lesser of two evils is an unacceptable political game and paves the way for nation wide distraction when focus is placed on social issues rather than economic, monetary, and power issues that actually deeply affect the state of the nation. She seeks to know the true facts of economics, fiscal policy, law, and power structure so that she can educate those around her to be more informed citizens. Ignorance is bliss, but awareness is power. And power is what the people need to be released from the tyranny and ever present burdens. She supports the constitution above all else and passionately believes that anything that comes into conflict with it is an assault on personal liberty and should not be tolerated. Peace, liberty, prosperity, and freedom. These are the seemingly intangible things that she feels can be very tangible in a country when its government has respect for its people, when its people are informed enough to affect legitimate change, and when its representatives are with sound intentions and honest rhetoric.


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