The Blog

This blog is intended to be an outlet for the deeper reflections (or perhaps lighter reflections) of Cara Jean regarding the various significant aspects of her life. Parenting, holistic health, interesting scientific discoveries, political reflections, theological philosophies, and any other ideas that come to her mind that might spark someone else to learn, wonder, or question the status quo. She seeks be a positive influence on anyone who might be willing to take the time to read the content of this blog.


1 thought on “The Blog

  1. Granddaughter, I could not be more proud of or in awe of you. Meemo and I knew a long time ago that you had a special spiritualness about you and I thank your parents for their contributions in this journey. You are proving to me what I always felt was one of your life paths and that is journalism. You have a special talent for writing and communicating, a blessing from our Creator. God bless you Cara as He has and will continue for through His guidance you have chosen a lofty goal of loving & serving mankind by helping the world choose the better path to the Glory of God. You continue to bless my soul. Love, Pop Pop

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