The Inhabitant

Cara Jean increasingly recognizes that she is a product of a beautiful world that contains infinite benefits for its inhabitants. She believes that in the midst of modern medicine and in a society that prides itself on newer ways, there are scientifically proven answers to great health in the plants, herbs, and life contained on earth- and there have been, since time began. It is time for us all to recognize that our pride quickly becomes our detriment and that there is great advantage to rediscovering things that even ancient civilizations recognized as useful before they had the science to prove it. As products of nature, we will benefit most from the organic energies contained within the universe. She is saddened by the continual trashing and poisoning that modern society carelessly imposes on this amazing gift of earth that we have been given by the creator. Cara Jean passionately believes that in order for our species to survive with good health and peace that a paradigm shift must soon take place that involves our higher species to abandon the continual disrespect for earth and turn to completely self sustainable living that promotes growth, life, and purity for all. We have a huge mess to fix, but if everyone could quickly awaken to the fact that we are on a dangerous path to self destruction and take small steps in another more natural direction, we will find blessings for not only ourselves but the generations to come.


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