A Poem Update

So I’ve been messing around writing poems lately. Have always found them slightly corny and avoided branching out much into that area of creative writing. Lately, however, I’ve been finding them fairly fun to play with, especially since I’m a little more self assured in my writinghood. 🙂 This one got kind of heavy, but totally reflects what’s been on my heart and mind lately.

Here is a poem about my life’s recent musings. My struggles as a sick mom with three sick babies seemed so overwhelming and perilous in the two weeks I suffered through it. But now that I’m feeling better and have more energy I can’t help but be reminded that I live a life that is nothing but blessed. Meanwhile, I struggle with compassion for my loved ones that are so bad off. But I know in my heart that eternity is the seat of our existence and peace through it all can still be had.

Here goes…

Out of the ashes and into the new,
I feel I can do anything I put my mind to

The pain has cleared, my swelling gone down,
My hearing is back- I no longer can frown

A happiness and peace I can hardly describe,
Fills my soul and helps me feel high

I am no longer sick nor my babies unwell,
Life no longer feels like a temporary hell

Though my body feels better, my heart feels heavy,
For the loved ones I know whose health is unsteady

Two uncles have I whom their health I have learned,
Has reached a point of no return

Each hanging on by just a thread,
I wonder how long left in life they will tread

Some others I know deal with chronic hellish pain,
That kind that could make you go insane

I think about my love and compassion for these,
I long to destroy all the suffering and disease

I think of my blessings and things feel so right,
I’m thankful to be underneath divine light

My heart goes to you who are struggling and frail,
The seas of peaceful waters I pray soon you will sail

Trust in The Lord with all of your heart,
His love is unfailing from finish to start

He is outside of time, of bodies, of illness,
Where the soul will soon go after life and it’s distress

There is forgiveness and love beyond your greatest desire,
A pure and blinding white Holy fire

Open your heart to the powers that be,
See that your soul can be lifted and free.


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