My Deodorant Recipe!!


Here it is! My very basic and effective alternative to toxic, commercial antiperspirants. Did you know that the “deodorant” you likely buy at the store comes with a significant health risk? These widely consumed products contain aluminum salts that block the ducts of your body’s highly developed system of excreting toxins. Over time, this leads to excess absorption of the active ingredient, aluminum (linking them to Alzheimer disease), can cause skin discoloration, and is also thought to cause breast cancer. Not to mention, keeps your body’s toxins inside! While the National Cancer Institute disputes these health claims, many (including myself) still question the actual long term value of these products as so many people are falling prey to the continual rise of disease. I don’t know about you, but I would rather seek out a simpler, less expensive option and wait to hear of further research on the aforementioned negative claims. I say, why risk being a part of the experiment?

Alas, my deodorant recipe! I have found it fairly fun to whip up my own deodorant (baby food jars make great containers!) that is simple to make, effective, and lasts several months at a time. In my past attempts at this, I have made less than perfect versions where the coconut oil solidified in the winter (creating an almost impossible to use deodorant rock)… and one batch I made had too much baking soda and it irritated my armpits. So! My most effective recipe is the one pictured above. If you find that irritation occurs, you may add more cornstarch. You do not need essential oils, though they are a great addition. Personally I have found “icing” to be the ideal texture during preparation, as it can solidify slightly after it sits awhile. All you need is a blueberry sized dollop that melts in your hands. Hope you decide to put it to the test!



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