Wrappings on Christmas Time

Well I am proud to say that our first family vacation is now complete! After getting pregnant within our first 6 months of marriage and then getting pregnant again by the time my oldest daughter turned 3 months old, we’ve certainly not been in the business of travel lately.

We decided to spend Christmas with some of my husbands family just south of Abilene, Texas! It was quite the road trip experience through central Texas. With semi frequent stops for changing, nursing, feeding, burping, and stretching, it was an 8 hour trek for us both there and back.

Our youngest daughter, Lena June on Christmas Eve Eve

Our youngest daughter, Lena June on Christmas Eve Eve (5 months old).

Unfortunately our trip was delayed a few hours due to a major puking mishap! When we were just 30 minutes into our journey, Eva threw up, EVERYwhere on her and her carseat. We had to go home to bathe her, wash the carseat covers and dry them (and of course feed the baby and do diaper changes once more), and spray out the carseat molding. It was…. no word can really describe the sense of panic, disgust, helplessness, and defeat that I felt in response to the event. It was probably the first time as a mother that I have been in a situation where I was truly bewildered and couldn’t say anything but “I don’t know what to do!!” like 5 times after I looked upon the disaster. John calmly said, “lets just go back home.” And so we did. And I got through the cleaning ordeal (after a minor break down) with as much love and forgiveness in my heart as possible. And our trip began again… 3 hours after the first departure. I gotta laugh now… although it was not a laughing matter for awhile! I suppose it does make for a good story though.

Eva Kathleen, very excited about presents on Christmas morning

Eva Kathleen, very excited about presents on Christmas morning (16 months old).

We also endured some simultaneous crying for some blocks of time on the road (not unexpected). So after 8 hours, we were just thrilled to arrive at our destination!

We stayed with Johns family who lives on a beautiful 20 acres estate, complete with cows! The girls got to spend time with their great aunt and great uncle, second cousins, great grandma, and great great aunt!

The first night there was really rough as Eva was very out of sorts and not feeling well. We got maybe a total of 3-4 hours of sleep, and broken up at that. It was one of the hardest nights I can remember as a mother so far. John will speak to this as well. But, the quality time, great conversations, and special moments made it all worth it.

This was the first Christmas that either of us have spent away from our immediate families (and our dog Todd) so it was a bit out of norm, yet wonderful. My most memorable moments included: story time with Eva on Christmas Eve with John’s Aunt Nancy and Cousin Brooke, Nursing and snuggling with Lena for awhile with her in private on Christmas eve, home-made peanut butter balls, getting in the hot tub late Christmas Eve and hearing coyotes howl in the distance, gift exchanges on Christmas morning, seeing Eva excited over wrapped presents as well as unwrapped presents, the fireplace, SNOW on Christmas day (albeit a very light snow, but still… SNOW!!), delicious meals prepared by Aunt Nancy, seeing the girls have quality time with family who adores them, sharing the joy of my girls with the family, playing Wahoo (the best board game ever), visiting the Mall of Abilene and buying goodies from Earthbound Trading Co., the scenic drive, our detour we took getting lost on the way home, Eva learning to say “socks,” and getting to know our extended family that much better.

These are the hand made dough hand print ornaments that the girls and I made for our parents and family in Abilene! They were a huge hit.

These are the hand made dough hand print ornaments that the girls and I made for our parents and family in Abilene! They were a huge hit.

Needless to say, when we finally made it home, it felt like a belated Christmas miracle. John and I feel so very accomplished after the undertaking of traveling so far from home with two little babies. It’s been almost a full week since we arrived home and I am just now feeling caught up on the vacation recovery as far as unpacking and resting goes. Unfortunately the girls have come down with a cold- Eva first, and, unsurprisingly, Lena as well. I brought in the New Year in the comfort of my own home. And now I am glad to say that I am writing my first blog post of 2013! Yes, we made it! I feel like I am entering this new year with a very good scope on the future. I wrote my thank you cards for all our Christmas blessings, I paid a couple bills, the downstairs of my house is cleaner than usual, and my nails are freshly painted. Oh, and I’ve had a shower! So right now, I’m ready to conquer whatever the year may bring. 🙂

Family Christmas Day picture!

Family Christmas Day picture!

Beginning this month, I will be featured once a month on Hybrid Rasta Mama’s Blog! I have been communicating with her for a couple of weeks about becoming a monthly regular on her page. I am positively thrilled about the opportunity she has given me to hopefully bless many other people as well as bring some traffic to my site. I’ll definitely link my writings for her blog up to mine somehow or another to keep you all posted! That’s a wrap for now. Well really, for 2012. My husband and I have a young tradition where every January we reflect on a set of prompts about the previous year. A small sample of these include the following: most beautiful moment- giving birth to Lena, biggest fail- the first time we tried to go to Abilene, best purchase- my vintage 1963 vintage Framus bass guitar, best surprise- a beautiful new house for rent that was cheaper than our apartment, etc. I won’t bore you with the others, as they are mostly inside jokes between my husband and I, so I’ll leave it at that.

Happy New Year, world!!

With Love,

Cara Jean


One thought on “Wrappings on Christmas Time

  1. This made me laugh and cry, remembering how it was when mine were small, it is almost overwhelming. You are doing such a good job, and taking the time to really enjoy your two beautiful daughters. I am so very proud of you, and I am sure your family is also. The most previous thing you can give your daughters, is your time. Keep up the good work, and keep us laughing and crying, and remembering.
    Peggy Ross

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