Similar Joy

Yesterday was a really dreary day. Today on the other hand, was incredibly gorgeous. I was excited when I looked out my windows early this morning to see the bright blue sky without a cloud in sight. I opened a window and felt the chill of the morning enter my house. When I got both of my girls down for a nap, I went outside and sat on our back patio. It’s basically just a concrete slab with some plants and stands up against the house. But I sat there and enjoyed the sun and the crisp weather for a little while. I looked up and noticed about three pretty sizable, beautiful birds flying around. I thought about how fun it must be for them to just fly and coast through the air on such a gorgeous day. Two flew off and I just continued to gaze at the remaining one. I realized then and there that that bird I was watching was enjoying the day in a unique way. He was safe in the air in that moment, and he was free- without a single worry and with great contentment. I just know it. That bird was experiencing something that I was almost envious of. And yet, I feel like we shared a moment. I felt like I was able to get inside to mind of that beautiful bird and catch a glimpse of true freedom. I wish I could live that way more often. Sometimes I get so tossed in the whims of my daily tasks and I get so distracted with everything I must do to maintain certain routines. And I forget to be free and alive. And sometimes I just forget to be outside. I think it would be accurate to say that we (I) have lost touch with nature. It only took about ten minutes for me to sit outside to just take it all in and observe such a profound thing. In comparison to my melancholy feelings the day before, I felt like I had achieved a sense of happiness and peace that renewed me. I love to be outside- it is truly therapeutic. And I am thankful that for a few moments I experienced that helped me relearn what it is to live in the present. Lord, please let me continue to exhibit this profound sense of joy in my daily life and help me to remember that the present moment is all I really have.


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