As a mother of two young babies only 11 months apart, I know that “pressing” articles will be a bit of a challenge! However, its a challenge I’m willing to take on that I feel will be rewarding for myself and hopefully others as well. This will be a great outlet for me and I’m excited to go for it.

With that said, plans….
My goal is to post a minimum of one time per week. I’d eventually like to grow that frequency if time allows, if my desire allows, and if I can get a satisfying fan base.

Topics I would love to write about include but are definitely not limited to the following:
-Products I enjoy that I would love for others to use and why
-Information about the greatness of essential oils (perhaps a monthly featured oil) and how I utilize them in my life
-Health secrets I have discovered
-Thoughts, struggles, and triumphs pertaining to my parenting experience
-My reflections on “politics,” “religion,” nature, science, and what it means to be an outstanding human being
-Various people who inspire me and why
-My deep thoughts about the nature of mankind
-Things I experience in my day to day life that have more meaning than a description of what takes place
-Music that I find enjoyable
-Videos that convey messages I feel are worth watching that convey ideas parallel to or in support of my ideas
-Scientific discoveries and facts that I feel contribute to enhancing my life and understanding or that are just plain fascinating
-My philosophies about life that I’ve developed based on both proven concepts and unproven ideas
-My plans and desires for raising my children up well
-Things I have discovered to be very beneficial in my interpersonal relationships
-Reflections on the meaning of my life, my voluntary decisions, and involuntary tendencies and what I have learned about them

Of course I will continue to add topics as I go along but these are some that I will definitely cover as I go. I hope this gives everyone an idea of what the tone of my blog will be so that they can decide in advance whether or not this is something they want to follow. Over the years, Facebook and other social media sites have left me feeling lacking- probably due to the simple nature of them where simple one liner/headliner statements and photos documenting most mundane things are the focus. I am no shallow person- in fact I am a very deep person. So I pray that I can finally find some solace in taking this blog just exactly where I want it to go: to the depths of other peoples hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Afterall, we were made to live for so much more… but we lost ourselves. So here’s to finding more profound meaning.

With great anticipation,
Cara Jean


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